The project will provide outreach activities to the targeted primary schools, focusing on years 5 and 6. Throughout the school year, there will be four sets of events both in and out of school split across the year 5 and year 6 cohorts. Your partner university will provide transport for out of school events as well as all learning resources. As well as these four events, schools will be able to book in-house workshop sessions with their partner university. Workshops will be between 1-2 hours long and will be centred on what university is and what courses can be studied. All sessions are developed to fit in with the National Curriculum.

December Y5: Introductory session

1+ hours in school

This session will include an introduction to the project, a chance to obtain pre-attitudinal information from the students and an activity using LEGO, where the pupils will build their own university based around their perceptions and expectations.

February Y5: Explore on Tour

One day at university

Each of the four universities will take it in turn to host a four day roadshow within the month of February. Schools will sign up for their preferred day and take a full school day trip out to visit the institution.

All transport costs will be covered by the schools partner university.

January Y6: Budgeting and Finances

A session in school based around what it costs to go to university, how to budget your money and things you might need to buy.

Summer Y6: Graduation Event Day

A final event day at your partner university, involving a sit down lunch, activities and a graduation ceremony.

"All the activities have enabled the pupils to broaden their horizons to the opportunities available to them."

Laura Lazenby
Deputy Head Teacher at Flash Ley Primary School
Attended Explore University Year 6 Road Show at Staffordshire University